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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  February 10, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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drowned while apparently trying to save his wife. the two of them had been swept into the ocean in this area. how the coast guard believes they wound up in the water. and the results are in from the first presidential primary. we'll take a look at the big winners in new hampshire and what it means for rest of the race. mornings on 2 continues. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. welcome back. if you've been here. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> it's wednesday, february 10th. and i'm pam cook. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. steve paulson knows the middle of the week weather. >> you two did it again. your tie matches pam. we do have -- we do have more records today. and temperatures well above
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average. what's new? we had an active december and january so no complaints there. we'll take warm weather for a little bit. and that's what it's looking like for this week. clear skies to start off with. and cool to mild and high clouds, mild to warm. santa cruz mountains calm and 63 degrees. that's warm air aloft. and another possible record setting day. still waiting for record breaking wettest day. i like the forward thinking. but we have a long way to go. some of the best bets, sfo, oakland, and san jose. the forecast temps will be close to the records set in 1998 and 2006. 40s and 50s on the temps, north bay temps in the 40s. sebastopol 43. and calistoga, 48. not much of a change.
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the breeze has been predominantly offshore. there's not much to write home about. breezy for a few. 70s for most of these highs and these are all above normal temps, enjoy it. it won't last but it's here today. >> with re-good to go. and one thing about the weather is that the at&t pro am is not going to be worried about any of the weather. that's good. the super bowl was fine. i'm telling you. the weather gods must like sports. the east shore freeway so far looks good. if you're driving from the carquinez bridge. the east bay commute has not been good. but still we have right now conditions to your liking. light at the bay bridge toll plaza so far. interstate880 looks good both directions. if you're at any of the
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airports, the freeways are clear and no major problems. and looking at the east bay commute and traffic on 880 looks good heading from hayward to union city. 580, livermore, looks okay. and in the south bay, all doing well. a man drowned off the pacifica coast while his wife barely made it out of the water alive. alex savidge is in pacifica with the details of how the tragedy unfolded. >> reporter: good morning to you. the surf was so strong yesterday that rescuers had trouble getting in the water. we're close to the pacifica pier and learning new information about the circumstances that led up to yesterday's dramatic rescue. and apparently, according to the coast guard. i just got off the phone with them. this husband and wife tripped and fell off the peer into the water. and the woman survived.
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a coast guard helicopter was brought in to each her husband but it was too late. he was taken to the hopped and died. 60-year-old larry moore from pacifica. the scene played out at 2:00 in the afternoon right along the beach south of the pacifica pier. witnesses say that couple after going into the water -- they were hit by large waves and pulled out. >> she was floating way out there. and i could see her head and her feet. and she was trying to relax and not fight it. he on the other hand was trying to fight it and get back up. and he got close to getting out about three times and the waves kept taking him back in. >> officials tell us moore's wife was taken to the medical
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center for treatment. and she remains hospitalized. people who witnessed the rescue say it's a tragic reminder of how dangerous the ocean can be. and the weather as warm ass is right now. you can well imagine that quite a few people will be making their way to the beach. and a warning goes out to everybody. you need to be careful with the surf conditions that we have. >> alex savidge live from pacifica, thank you. >> >> we have seen record high temperatures and that does not mean essential done. we saw families playing outside and people eating outdoors. >> usually you have your coats on and rain umbrellas and we're eats outside and that's unusual in february. >> what we're experiencing is normal conditions, normal temperatures and normal rainfall. the reason it seems weird is we
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haven't had a normal year for so many years. >> there's a strong ridge of high pressure steering the storms away. steve talked about this. and once the ridge collapses the rain will likely return. governor brown has formally requested a federal declaration to help out the crab fishermen. the commercial season was scheduled to open in november and it has been on hold because of a toxic algae bloom on the west coast. fees for crab boats through april have been waived. the wig winners in new hampshire, bernie sanders and donald trump. doug luzader has the latest.
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good morning, doug. >> reporter: it's snowing at the moment. we'll give you a quick behind the scenes look. this is the filing center for fox. this was a busy place as the returns began to come in. as they started to get all of them from the outlying counties and precincts. and the race was called relatively early. it was such a blowout. a good night for bernie sanders and donald trump. bernie sanders and donald trump not only won but did so with larger margins than just about every poll predicted. a confident sanders even shot hoops as the results came in. >> the people of new hampshire have sent a profound message to the replying establishment, to the economic establishment. and by the way, to the media establishment. [ cheering ] >> we are going now to south carolina. we're going to win in south
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carolina. i love you all. thank you very much. trump won by nearly 20 points, putting him well ahead of john kasich who also did better than expected, coming in second. a big bump as he heads to south carolina. >> immigrate fied by it for sure. i think it's fantastic. but i wouldn't say i was shocked. >> it may have been a shock to marco rubio who had been on the rise in new hampshire and stumbled after a weak debate performance over the weekend. >> our disappointment is not on you. it's on me. >> for hillary clinton the loss was expected and the margin was not. >> it's not whether you get knocked down that matters.
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it's whether you get back up. we may see some attrition. chris christie is on the bubble. and we may learn whether he's going to stay in the race. he said he's going to think about his options. president obama is coming back to the bay area later today to attend democratic fundraisers. the president is due to arrive at moffett field in mountain view at 7:30. he'll spend the night in the san jose area and tomorrow morning he'll attend a fundraiser for the democratic national committee at the head of steve -- at the home of steve wesley. he's scheduled to attend another fundraiser tomorrow. the president will then travel to southern california. san francisco police are searching for thieves who robbed a high end fashion store in union square. the store was robbed about 6:30 by a group of men and women. the store employee tried to
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stop them as they left the store. and they forced their way past him and got away. more than $10,000 in merchandise was stolen. san francisco public school leaders decided to delay a vote on whether or not to make condoms available to middle school students. there was concern that many parents would not be able to make it because of chinese new year celebrations. students would have to meet with a social worker or school nurse to receive the condoms. time is 5:10. the warriors are still undefeated at oracle arena. they won't see the home crowd again until next month. tonight's game in phoenix, the last game and then the warriors play seven straight games on the road. last night the warriors gave the fans a good show. steph curry led the way 35
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points. go ahead, steph. maurice speights and andre iguodala came off the bench with big numbers. and andrew boga had six blocked shots and three steals. and the warriors are 47-4 now. and have the best ever record through 51 games. >> yes, they do. 5:11 is the time. and federal agents raided two bay area homes. the bust netted guns, marijuana, and a federal fugitive. >> reporter: we're live in half moon bay where excitement is building for the mavericks surf competition. we'll tell you what's expected and how big the waves are supposed to be.
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welcome back. excitement building for the bay area's big sur. >>ing competition. >> the weather at mavericks is expected to be ideal on friday. invitations have been sent out to the best surfers in the world. janine de la vega is in half moon bay right now near where the competition will take place. >> reporter: this is good news for the businesses around the harbor near pillar point. the mavericks surf competition has not happened in the last two years and they are ready for the return. the waves are expected to be nearly 40 feet high. and overall conditions are supposed to be good.
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the green light was given for mavericks and this invitation will pit 24 of the world's best surfers against each other. many of them are in hawaii for another competition. this adrenaline filled contest attracts big crowds to the pillar point area. but folks won't be allowed to watch from the beach. this will be streamed online. and they'll have more cameras than in years past. >> you'll see water, cliff angles, air angles, drone angles. we'll have it all covered. >> reporter: a lot of the surrounding businesses will have viewing parties. so this is a big boost for the half moon bay area. and really, something they've been waiting for for some time. dave-- janine de la vega near half moon bay. thank you, we'll talk to you later. >> and they have to finish off
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the eddie's competition in hawaii and hop on a plane and head here -- dude. >> that's right, man. >> it's going to be epic. >> yes, it is. >> and it's going to bring a lot of people even though they say you can't watch it and people are not allowed to go to the beach. they go anyway through the restaurants and bars. >> they all get extra business. >> and just remember that highway 91 and -- are two lane highways. traffic is doing well. the traffic looks good if you're driving here on 92 on the freeway part of it. the wide freeway part of it. san mateo heading to the peninsula from hayward. it looks good and no major problems. near 880 it's nice. traffic in both directions in oakland is moving nicely. and we're looking at the south
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bay and the traffic is looking good. a lot of people are back on the roads. and right now it's still light in the south bay. at 5:16. let's go to steve. we're clear skies and temperatures 40s for many. a few 30s yesterday. don't think we'll get that. if we do it might be one or two. around 7:00 is when it happens. and we still have a slight offshore component. and nothing compared to monday and tuesday. that's for sure. records yesterday, santa cruz to monterey. 85degrees. san jose 76 and sfo tied at 71. and the oakland airport at 70 degrees. the forecast headlines, clear, cool, high clouds, warm, and the rest of the week looks nice. and no rain in sight. and everything as far as cloud cover favors the north bay versus areas south of the golden gate. 40s and 50s at half moon bay.
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and yesterday they were much warmer. sfo is in there. berkeley has dipped to 49. some locations low 40s. east bay temperatures, alamo, 43. they were 38 and 39. and danville was too. and brentwood, 51. 23 up in truckee. and 42 in ukiah. truckee 23 as we mentioned and reno at 34. whopper of a low is in the gulf of alaska and it's not coming here. high pressure wants to stick and stay as we say. maybe not as strong as earlier in the week but not much change. gradual cooling for some. and temperatures on the above average side. mostly sunny, mild so warm. and it's very isolated. 70s for highs. and these are above normal
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temps. and another mild day. and temperatures should be closer to 60 or 64 degrees. and gilroy to santa cruz. capitola to monterey. and i don't see much change. a cooler system on saturday. stacey -- i was asking about low gas prices -- and she sent us in concord, $1.99. >> it's $1.99 at the arco. >> i saw $1.97 at the safeway in napa. >> we love to hear it. good to share those things. >> just imagine finding a puppy with a rubber band wrapped around its neck tight. it had to be removed through surgery. the little dog is getting prepared to go up for adoption.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. it is 5:22 and today emergency workers in germany are back at the scene of a deadly train crash. it's believed that all of the victims have been removed from the wreckage. two commuter trains crashed head on in bavaria killing at least 10 people. the two engineers are believed to be among those killed.
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and they'll examine the black boxes to determine what put the trains on a collision course. the u.s. japan, and south korea are taking action to respond to north korea's missile launch. the u.s. is voting on more stringent sanctions. and japan says that it will impose new sanctions on north korea. north korea insists that the use of the rocket was only to launch a new observation satellite as part of the space program. and world leaders say it violates a united nations ban on ballistic technology. a dog was found alive in the rubble in taiwan. rescue crews found the dog after a 6.4 quake leveled the apartment building. 170 people were rescued from the building.
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38 people were killed. more than 100 people are believed to be under the debris. three construction company executives were arrested for negligence in connection with the building collapse. a heartbreaking story. a puppy in southern california is bouncing back to full recovery after a rubber band was found wrapped around its neck so tight they had to surgically remove it. it's a lab mix. playful now but that wasn't the case before. the runner band was around the neck. the discovery was made after someone dropped the puppy off at the department of animal services. >> and it wasn't until they shaved and cleaned they could see a foreign body. >> the vets say if that rubber band had not been removed she probably would not have
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survived. a former saratoga church elder and his wife are accused of stealing $7 million from the church and a wealthy donor. jonathan chang and his wife were indicted on wire fraud and money laundering. he headed one of six area churches of a non- denominational church. they are accused of setting up a fake charity and swindling the donor. there's a court hearing settle for tomorrow. ash wednesday begins for millions of christians all over the world. priests will mark crosses on the foreheads of parishioners. and the ashes remind christians about humor tallity and the importance of repenting. ash wednesday marks the first day of lent where christians
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must give something up for 30 days. a thousand priests will fan out around the world to spread the pope's message. pope francis met most of them at the vatican. their assignment is to show that the catholic church is forgiving and nonjudgmental. they'll be traveling to the far reaches of the earth including the canadian mountains and the australian outback. the pope told them if you're going to the arctic, bundle up. a real tragedy in pacifica after a man drowns. his wife is september to the hospital. up next, the dramatic rescue operation. people who live in the neighborhood notice a growing homeless encampment near 9th and division. some people are taking matters into their own hands. we're looking at a bridge commute heading to the toll plaza. we'll at the you more coming
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up. and another mild to warm day on tap. maybe not as warm as monday and tuesday, but it will be close. any rain in the forecast? we'll have the answer coming up shortly.
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already the middle of the week. wednesday, february 10th. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. thank you for waking up with us. purple day for us. >> yeah. >> i didn't get that memo.
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>> it's okay. >> you look great. >> sometimes at 3:00 or 2:45 in the morning, you're just glad you can get your clothes on. >> you have a fancy nice tie. >> i'm getting comments on that. >> is that a garcia? >> it's a garcia. we have clear skies and a nice day unless you're looking for rain. i can't help you there. we have a few high clouds on the way that might take a few degrees off some of the temps. overall, a mild day and possible record highs. the best bets, steve's best bets. sfo airport at 70 and also the oakland airport. that would be a record. san jose, 75. the old record is 75. there are others, but richmond is 73 as well. but most of them in the upper 70s. those are close. high clouds to the north and mostly clear south.
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40s on the temps to 50s. napa airport is close to the upper 30. can we find anything on the peninsula. 42, 50s pacifica. and half moon bay is 50. that's down seven or 8 degrees from yesterday. still kind of turned that wind direction more on shore. mostly sunny, mild to warm. and breezy for some. and it's very localized. upper 60s and low to mid-70s. and down to monterey where it will be 78 degrees again. >> beautiful weather for golf. >> can't beat it. >> 85 yesterday. >> 85. maybe a little too warm. those guys all walk. >> 85 on the monterey peninsula. >> i can deal with it. let's take a look at what
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we have. those guys walk and don't carry their own clubs. this is a look at 80 westbound from the carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze. it's not a bad commute. 18-minute drive between those 2 points. when you get to the bay bridge it's a little crowded. let's go to the san mateo bridge where traffic looks good with no major issues. traffic continues to move along well. looking at antioch, highway 4 westbound all the way to concord, it looks good. and so does 680. this is an opportunity to drive concord to san ramon with no major issues. we're following a sad and scary story. a man died and his wife is recovering in the hospital after they were swept into the ocean. >> the coast guard tells us the couple was walking on the pier and they tripped and fell in the water. >> all of a sudden the wave came and grabbed her and so
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they were holding onto each other. and it took her out. the guy went in after her. >> investigators are saying that 60-year-old larry moore of pacifica was trying to save his wife. his wife was seen floating on her back and eventually she made it back to shore. her husband struggled. the coast guard pulled him out of the water and he was pronounced dead at the medical center. there's been a lot of talk about the homeless. and a business owner says the problem continues to grow. allie rasmus is in san francisco now with why he's putting pressure on city leaders to take action. >> ninth and division in san francisco's neighborhood is where we are. this is an unusual intersection. and san bruno street also intersects. and you can see tents on the
5:34 am
chain link fence and personal belongings. that's not the only corner where you see tents. behind us on the median lined up there are several tents all the way up and down division street and a short time ago we saw people starting to wake up and come out of the encampment. and across the street, there's more tents on the other side of the fitness sf gym building. it's hard for us to show you that from here. but there's another encampment. and the tent city has been growing in recent weeks. the tent city that spans all the intersections. people who live and work in the area say something needs to be done. the owner started posting fliers with the office number and e-mail of every supervisor in town. it's not clear if it started to grow during the super bowl or if it's unrelated to that.
5:35 am
>> we just need the city to make it a priority now. and help these people. help our city. help everyone. >> you wouldn't see this downtown or city hall or anywhere else. but they push it out here and it's just not right. >> reporter: city leaders are working on a plan and part of it includes the opening of a homeless shelter on pier 80. it opened on friday and hasn't been as popular as city leaders hoped. there's room for 150 people. and they notice that a lot of homeless people looked around and turned around and left. city officials say they need to make improvements to the new shelter. it doesn't have working toilets or showers, but there's a concern that pier 80 where the new shelter is may be too isolated to be a attractive to
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the homeless population. we're hoping to talk to some homeless officials from the city about what they plan to do about the issue out here. and the improvements they hope to make to the pier 30 shelter. back to you guys. time is 5:36. more details about just how many cameras on bart trains don't work. according to the chronicle, bart has admitted that 77% of train cameras are fake or don't work. that information came out after the deadly shooting of a man on a train at the west oakland bart station earlier this year. the gunman is still out on the loose. meantime, bart plans to install working cameras on all trains and the cost is $1.4 million. a news crew followed a police operation that targeted a drug operation in east oakland. federal and local drug agents seized more than 200 marijuana
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plants, packaged pot, and indoor grow equipment from two homes yesterday. police also found a fully automatic rifle and a handgun. u.s. marshals arrested a drug suspect who had been on the run for two years. >> he was moving around a good bit and gave us a little bit of a run for our money but we were able to track him down in oakland and get him in custody. >> the fugitive, 34-year-old ed war ceo or today garcia -- is known as a chop shop mechanic. agents seized car parts as part of the investigation which involved the narcotics task force and the district attorney inspectors. a funeral service will take place for a walnut creek man killed in a car crash. police are using the crash as an important reminder to avoid road rage. 77-year-old anthony tonti was an innocent victim of road
5:38 am
rage. he was killed in a hit-and-run crash. the suspect was arrested days later. he was driving up to 60 miles per hour on city streets. you can see the excessive speed on the surveillance video. >> it should have never happened. there were choices that that jack ass made. he could have changed. >> there was a road rage incident on i-880 returning from the city of vallejo. and our driver and/or suspect got into an argument with another driver and decided to chase that individual. >> he's being held on charges of vehicular manslaughter and hit-and-run. time is 5:38. technology meant to protect your privacy is apparently hindering the investigation into december's mass shooting in san bernardino. the l.a. times reports that fbi technicians have been trying to get information off the
5:39 am
shooter's phone but they haven't been able to unlock the encryption. they hope that it contains answers about what the couple did before and after they opened fire in a county building, killing 14 people. many phones use advanced encryption that can scramble information. this makes it harder for investigators to track suspected plots or trace a location. how to combat the zika virus is turning into a political battle. president obama is asking for $2 billion in energetic funding. there are no known cases of the virus being transmitted by mosquitoes in the u.s. but 50 people who have traveled to the virus hot zone in latin america have confirmed cases. republican leaders say there's no need to allocate separate money. >> there's money left appropriated for ebola. and it was ebola and other
5:40 am
infectious diseases and there's no immediate shortage of money for the administration to do what they think needs to be done. >> health and human services secretary sylvia burwell says the money is needed to finish the job against ebola. and health officials want to fight against both diseases and that's what should be done. democrats say action is needed now. players on the women's soccer team with concerned about the spread of the zika virus in latin america. the 2016 olympics are scheduled for august in brazil. the tournament which decides which teams qualify -- but hope solo told sports illustrated she's concerned about the virus because she hopes to have a child some day. and if the olympics were today she would not go to brazil. it's been a bad day on two of the bigger asian stock
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markets. japan's nikkei fell two and a quarter%. and the major market in australia is the down 20% from april. and those markets may not have hit bottom yet. many are concern that had the global banks are running out of options to promote growth. markets in china, hong kong -- are closed for the lunar holidays. u.s. markets extended their losing streak, closing slightly lower after wavering between gains and losses. the nasdaq is down nearly 15% since the beginning of the year. the dow is off 8%. and the s&p 500 has dropped 9.5% in the last six weeks. drivers on a busy stretch of i-580 in the east bay will be able to use new express
5:42 am
lanes. two eastbound lanes and one westbound lane will run from the dublin interchange through the livermore valley. they'll be -- solo drivers can use them but will have to pay a price. and the price will vary depending on the traffic and will be displayed on electronic signs. it should be $4.50 or as high as $22 for a round trip. the drivers will need to get a fast track transponder. it's called a fast track flex. it has a setting to low drivers to indicate how many people are in the car. yesterday we told you about nuns in san francisco at risk of being evicted. and now they have some generous donations coming in. coming up, the pledges to help the nuns feed the homeless in
5:43 am
the tenderloin. a lot of adrenaline and big waves this friday at the big sur. >> competition at half moon bay. we'll tell you about mavericks.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ba da ba ba ba ♪
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welcome back. surf's up. the mavericks surf contest is on for friday. the green light has been given to hold the competition. organizers say monster waves are on the way. and janine de la vega is on the san mateo county coast to tell us what to expect. >> reporter: we are hearing that hotels around here are already booking up. all eyes have been on the weather. and last week it was really prime conditions to hold mavericks but they couldn't do it because it landed on the super bowl weekend. but the good news is big waves are expected on friday. and that's the thing about this
5:46 am
competition. you never know when it's going to happen until the last minute. organizers are expecting conditions to be smooth with waves 40 feet high. they sent out the invitations to 24 of the world's best surfers. and a lot of them are in hawaii for another surf competition. it's a long time coming and weather conditions have not cooperated. and the competition has not happened for the past two years. the big wave guys are ready and chomping at the bit, man. they'll be going hard. >> reporter: the best viewing for mavericks is on screen. ever since the rogue wave swept ashore in 2010, people were banned from watching it on the beach. people can watch it online or at one of the viewing parties that's normally held at the hotels in the area. and they welcome the crowds and all the excitement that comes along with it.
5:47 am
we've caught a few fishermen coming out on the pier. it's awesome that it's here in the city. good for business. time is 5:47. do you know who my traffic hero is? >> it has to be sal castaneda. >> i was just looking at the posts that people send me on facebook. and you know, our viewers are sharp. >> they're honest. >> what are they saying? >> if you have a little bit of time, go to the last post. on monday i was reporting about an accident on the freeway. and on my traffic report, an accident happened right there. i didn't notice it because i was talking about another crash. it was captured on live television and the viewer spotted it. >> they tell us stuff all the
5:48 am
time. >> we get great information all the time. >> >> this is a look at the macarthur maze. and we'll start in the east bay. and if you're driving to the bay bridge toll plaza, westbound looks pretty good. as you get around the corn tore the bay bridge, there's a wait of 10 minutes before you make it to the span. no problems driving to highway 101. and 101 doesn't look bad either up and down the peninsula. in the east bay, the slow traffic is on 580. altamont pass. and looks good into livermore and a little bit of slow traffic in hayward on 880 southbound to 92. but it's not as bad as it probably will be. let's go to steve. your followers give you a lot of good info. >> fantastic info. it's changed the game completely. i used to have to wait.
5:49 am
and now it's instantaneous. it's nice out there this morning. and a little chill in the area. and a couple of locations are close to a 30-degree reading, the weather app gives you all the information you need as far as daily temps, and a lot of them will probably say 70. when will winter return? that's a very good question. >> 25th of this month. i mentioned it yesterday. i'll stay with it. 25th. there'll be a couple of weak systems middle of next week. we'll coop an eye on it. 70 in sfo. that would be one shy of a
5:50 am
record. san jose, 75 would tie a record. and also going back to 1988. richmond is close as well. those are the main ones. the others will probably be a little too warm. santa rosa has been 85 the last couple of days. 50 in oakland. and 49 half moon bay. palo alto, 44. san jose in the upper 40s. boulder creek checking in at 39. this is above los gatos. and we have warm air aloft. 42 ukiah. and 21 in truckee. and high pressure is our fair weather friend. no doubt about it. and it's large and in charge. mostly sunny, mild to warm. and isolated but occasional we get the pockets. upper 60s, mid-70s. days are getting longer and nights shorter. and without that breeze though,
5:51 am
this is pretty warm. these are well above average for this time of year. and i don't want see much change except for high clouds. looks warmer again sunday. >> all right. like it. >> fun things going on for the weekend. pebble beach and at&t fan fest for the giants. enjoy the nice weather. that's all we can do. >> while it's here. >> thank you, steve. are you a big fan of the movie frozen. >> oh, let it go. >> i love it. >> where you'll be able to see the animated film come to life. ♪ i don't care what they're going to say. let the storm -- ♪
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is ♪ let it go, let it go. can't hold it back any more. >> i personally cannot get enough. the popular movie frozen is coming to broadway. disney has announced a musical adaptation of the animated film. it's scheduled to hit the stage in 2013. the highest grossing animated film in history earning close to $1.3 billion. no word who will be cast in the roles. >> san francisco supervisors are debating how to spend tax revenue from the super bowl
5:55 am
celebrations. crews are cleaning up on the embarcadero where super bowl city was built. the city's homeless forced out of the construction zone are starting to come back. and supervisor scott wiener is pushing for a resolution to use money from super bowl events to create more housing options. analysts say it could be months before they know the full economic impact of the super bowl. meantime supervisor -- warrants the city to help street vendors there are only 10 spots available and one went to famous wayne's shoe shine. several others were moved blocks away and all of them lost money. >> i think that we should show that we take care of our street artists and street vendors and shoe shine guys.
5:56 am
more could come from the money that the city made during super bowl events. >> the annual at&t pebble beach pro am kicks off tomorrow morning on the monterey peninsula. and first the charity shootout. and yesterday it was dwight clark, steve young, versus bruce bochy, and randy win. the shootout was tied in the final hole. and matt cain tapped the ball in to give the giants the win. they raise money for the foundation and community funds. bubba watson worked on that trick shot. i think he has it down. he pops the ball a couple of feet in the air and it hits the club and he tosses it onto the green and it goes right in the cup. he learned that from you. >> i taught him everything he
5:57 am
knows. president obama is headed back here to the bay area today. we'll tell you where his arrival could tie up the evening traffic. >> >> dangerous surf conditions along the coast. what witnesses saw as a man and woman were pulled into the water in pacifica.
5:58 am
5:59 am
good morning. we are learning more about a dramatic scene that played out in pacifica yesterday as a husband and wife were both swept out to sea. the husband drowned and the woman survived. we'll tell you how they wound up in the water coming up. and big wins in new hampshire. we'll have a live report on the results and the reason they did not come as a surprise. mornings on 2 continues. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> if you are just waking up with us, hello. it's february 10th. i'm pam cook. >> get the coffee, get ready, get moving. good morning, i'm dave clark. steve paulson has the forecast. >> another nice day, guys. >> allergies are kicking in. >> actually, they are.
6:00 am
they've gone way up. alder, i posted that yesterday. >> i was going to post something about all the things i saw blooming on my walk yesterday. >> i know we have to get going. but dave and i were looking at a camera and there was a bug hatch going nuts. it's pretty early for us. hey, it's 75 degrees. let's go. so things are blooming. >> yes, they are. >> if you have to go, it will be a nice day. we have clear skies and not a lot going on. clear skies, cool to mild and high clouds, and mild to warm. and temperatures in the 70s. paul cueto says good morning. patio umbrella up and barbecued five straight days. >> what time should we be over. high clouds to the north and mostly sun whyy to the


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